CRM Trucks & Trailers

Rodenrijseweg 459

2651 AN Berkel en Rodenrijs

The Netherlands

Tel: (+31)-(0)79-3611040


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RDW erkend

RDW erkend

Selling to CRM

CRM Trucks & Trailers sells around 750 trucks and vans and about 400 trailers every year. This means we are always looking for vehicles to replenish our stock. We are interested in all makes, types, and years of construction, and our buyers are happy to come by to inspect a truck or trailer and if required make a price estimate. Our buyers can also do this outside of The Netherlands.

Selling to CRM has the advantages of a fair price according to market standards, and a fast a professional treatment. We have the capacity to transport the vehicle to our terrain. It is sometimes also possible to exchange a vehicle for another vehicle of yours.

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