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Taking the initial step to buy a trailer can be a defining moment for many businesses. Situated in the Netherlands, CRM Trucks & Trailers boasts a vast collection of diverse trailers, ready to meet any specific requirement. With a robust supply chain in place, we are proud to deliver our high-quality products to clientele across the globe, ensuring timely and efficient delivery every single time.

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Dive into our comprehensive range when you want to buy a trailer, showcasing an used semi-trailer, a perfect blend of durability and value. These trailers have seen the road and are ready to be part of your fleet. But also, a new semi-trailer, if you seek the latest in design and technology. Our brand-new trailers are the epitome of modern transportation solutions. A good example of the trailers you can buy, is the lightweight semi-trailer, designed for agility without compromising strength. Ideal for businesses keen on efficiency. Our seasoned experts, with years of hands-on experience, understand the nuances of diverse business needs. We're not just selling trailers; we're providing solutions, meticulously crafted from understanding exactly what our clients seek in a trailer, such as an three axle containerchassis

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CRM Trucks & Trailers is a recognised partner in the heavy-duty equipment trade. Known and respected around the world, our satisfied clients are a testimony to the quality, service and know-how established through years of experience.

Once started as a true trailer-trader, this is still where our heart lies. Of course, this does not mean that we are not able to fulfill your other vehicle needs also!

As an independant trading company, we are a leading specialist in sideloaders , with the largest brand-independent stock in Europe. With over 15 years of experience and a network of trustowrthy companies, we are the competent partner to buy and sell sideloaders, brands like Boxloaders, Klaus and Steelmac. Our sideloader services range from a simple purchase up to a full-fledged revisions, refurbishments, and tailor-made customisations.

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Our history

CRM Trucks & Trailers is a recognised partner in the heavy-duty equipment trade. Well-known and respected around the world, our family-owned business since 1974, it’s taking the values of trust, quality and service to heart. In our fast-moving stock of around 200 vehicles, you are certain to find what you are looking for. Besides being able to buy a trailer form, we also offer you a wide range of spare-parts and other vehicle-related items.

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If you're in the market to enhance your fleet or embark on a new venture, buy a trailer from our online listings. Revered globally, our satisfied clientele is a testimony to the top-tier service and expertise garnered over decades. So, whether your heart is set on a trailer or other vehicle needs, as an independent trading powerhouse, we stand ready. Reach out to us today; let's drive your aspirations forward.